Oxygen Facial

Oxygen is needed in human life. The oxygen that we inhale from the air around us helps keep our body and skin free from impurities and toxins. When we grow older, the oxygen levels in our skin naturally declines, which contributes to wrinkles and fine lines.

An Oxygen Facial involves using special equipment to provide a continuous blast of oxygen to the skin.

Benefits of this treatment include:

  • skin detoxifies,
  • deep cleanses,
  • exfoliates,
  • oxygenates,
  • plumps the skin,
  • improves circulation, leaving the face looking smooth, refreshed and rejuvenated.

A pro anti-oxidant formula with potent peptides can also be added and infused into the skin.

€110 for a once off treatment or €83 each when you buy a pack of 6.




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