Home Care Advice

Keep nails protected by:

  • Using gloves for all household work
  • Using nail strengtheners, base coat and enamels
  • Soaking very brittle nails in warm oil
  • Massage cuticle cream into nail folds and surrounding skin at night
  • The last thing at night, apply hand cream after hands have been in water
  • Using emery boards, not metal files
  • Not biting nails or picking at cuticles
  • Wearing gloves during winter



Nail Shape: Squoval

This Nail Shape is a combination of square and Oval/Rounded.

The Squoval nail shape is:

  • Round or oval corners to prevent wear and tear
  • Works great for nail art too!
  • Great for women in the workplace
  • Feminine and elegant look
  • Works best on long and short nails


Nail Shape: Square

Square nails are usually short.  This nail shape is preferred by clients because of their jobs.

The square nail shape is:

  • Works best for women with strong nails (as sides tends to get caught in fabric more easily)
  • Great canvas to do nail art jewellery such as diamantes, nail rings, etc.
  • Best for longer nails


Nail Shape: Pointed

This nail shape is very popular with clients that are impatient for their nail to grow.  By shaping the nail to a point the nail looks longer.  Pointed nails are not recommended in our salon as a pointed nail will soon snap off.

The Pointed nail shape is:

  • Definitely for women who do not have to use their hands often in daily activities
  • Usually seen on celebrities
  • Often thought of as sexy
  • Definitely a head-turner!
  • Works best on strong nails, even fake nails.


Nail Shape: Oval

This nail shape is seen as the most attractive nail shape.  Oval nails give the effect of length without producing a fragile point.

The oval shape nail is:

  • Always in fashion
  • Best for any type of nail bed
  • Very elegant
  • Also great for nail art